Route for those traveling for the first time:
If you come by car from La Serena, you should take towards the airport, which is the same path that will lead us to Vicuña, without entering this city. Continuing Rivadavia, once geting there you will see a large sign on the right pointing out all the locations that follow: Paihuano, Montegrande, Pisco Elqui, Horcón. Take the road to reach Horcón. Before reaching the town, you will see a road sign of Faro del Valle to the right indicating that it is at 400m. Down that road, forward 400m. and you will get to our cabins.


From La Serena to Vicuña it takes about 45 minutes from Vicuña Horcón Low, 30 to 45 minutes, depending on traffic.

Remember to charge gas and get cash in Vicuña, which is the last place where you will find gas stations and ATMs.

If traveling by bus or plane to La Serena, you can request information by calling the phone

 +569 9 452 7943

+569 7 733 2777