Gabriela Mistral Circuit


Between the port of Coquimbo penetrating eastward along the Elqui Valley, it is a series of places that were important part of the early life of the Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral, Nobel Prize for Literature.

The most important sites include Coquimbo and La Serena and then through the valley, Vicuña, Montegrande and Pisco Elqui, both towns in the district of Paihuano.

Rout of Pisco


With the best interest in spreading the tradition and history of the most representative distillate of the Elqui Valley from its origins in the sixteenth century until today, is more than enough to create the first pisco museum in the country.

The Museum of Pisco Capel is the perfect occasion to appreciate also what were the most important pisco routes from 1549 to date. Visitors can check historical documents, collections of labels and photographs illustrating the path of pisco in the country.

Astronomical Tour


We have contacts for astronomical Tours, so you can visit, on the valley’s clear and starry nights, the observatory in El Cielo in Alcohuaz.

Crafters Village


Very close to our Faro del Valle, it is the crafters village (Pueblo de Artesanos) where you can meet the very creative artisans who are engaged in various activities. Here you will find homemade jams, creams and bubble bath with wine extract, metalwork, silver, therapeutic herbs and healthy food restaurant.

Horseback Riding


We can contact you with the locals who do guided horseback rides; favorite family activity. Walking along the trails of the mountains, discover beautiful places that otherwise you could not reach.

Culinary Rout